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                           Dubbings for industrial videos. Spanish voice over talent

Escena Digital Producciones

Broadcasters and professional voice talent to record industrial and promotional videos. They record too radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds, audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies and producers of radio and television. They are dubbing artist voices of celebrities and other fictional characters. Professional voice dubbing. Spanish dub. Dubbing studios in Spain. Dubbing product demonstration videos . Dubbing television infomercials. Dubbing commercials and industrial videos. Dubbing and voiceover professional business presentation videos. Speech promotional videos and presentations of companies and businesses. Presentations of industrial and corporate videos in over 60 languages​​.


  Introducing Intel Centrino computers. Made by the speaker "Javier C".    
  First TV serie for Amena´s mobiles phones called "Supervillanos" of "Globomedia" producer. "Mar" is the voice of the spaceship.    
  Dubbing for a cultural video with "Gema".    
Industrial video for "Aidico" with   "Xiaowei", chinese voice over Corporate video.  Spanish voiceover: Sonia G.   English-Spanish dual video with voice sync for "Genie" Company. Soundtrack created by Peter Dj. With the voices of Javier, Silvia, Mar, Peter, Ivan, Jesus and Roberto. Wmv file.     Dubbing for "WhisperGen" company with the german voice of  Astrid
  Dubbing in portuguese with the images and voices of "Arcindo" and "Silvia".    
  Dubbing for the serie "El camino de la Lengua". "Jesús" is Unamuno´s voice in this serie.      
Dubbing for a cartoon´s spot for "Vitaldent". With the voice talent of Javier J., Ysabel, Borja y Montse B.

Dubbing of the video "Geoplast". Englisho voice over: "Charles" Faye, English voiceover. Corporate video.   Dubbing for a cartoon´s video with "Mar" and "Ysabel" like babies voices.     Dubbing of Geoplast´s video with the french voice over Jean Didier
  Dubbing for a tv spot with the spanish voice talent "Marta".    
Dubbing for tv. Promotion for Castilla León´s Easter. Catalán voice of "Magín".
  Dubbinf for "Autobrillante" company for "Lifeshine" product. With "David" voice and music by "Escena Digital Locutores".

Dubbing for "Autobrillante" David", Spanish  voice over Dubbing  video web:  IFS.  Spanish voiceover: Conxa Dubbing of a corporate video for "Tesco" company with Antonio, Álvaro y Jesús. Dubbing for "Baupanel" done by "Albert"
    Dubbing for "Geoplast" company with "Jesús".      
     Dubbing in english for "Geoplast" with "Charles".

  Video for "Autobrillante" enterprise. With the edition and voice of David. 2010 edition.    
Dubbing for "Sotur" with Marta B. Kathan, Arabic voice over.  Dubbing corporate video "Jerr Dan". Dubbing of a video for  "Cuesta Legazpe" with Joel like voice over and music by Escena Digital


Escena Digital Producciones

Producciones para radio, televisión y productoras publicitarias         

Dirección General: Jesús Ángel Morato. Teléfono : + 34 666 93 18 29     Administración: Luisa Prado. Teléfono : + 34 670 90 95 51 Estudios  de grabación en Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, Zamora, Lugo, , Marbella, Sevilla, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Segovia, Girona, Gijón  (España) y  Londres (Inglaterra) 


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