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Polish voice overs talent. Polish voiceovers actor.   Studio in Poland . Dubbing and   Polish Voices  recordings can be heard in corporate presentations, instructional videos, e-learning courses,  movies, and commercials . Dubbing Poland. Recordings Poland. Polish male and female voice overs for e-learning courses.


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 Polish  male voiceovers
    Luke, Polish male  voiceover

    Jerzy, Polish male voice over        
    Kamil, Polish voice over        
      Piotr, Polish male  voice over          
      Jarek, Polish voice over          
      Konrad, Polish voice over          
      Mark, Polish voice over

      Wlodek, Polish voice over        
      Radek, Polish voice over        
      Msoltyk, Polish voiceover          
      Lesz, Polish voiceover          
      Emil, Polish male voice over.          
      Karol, Polish voice over.          


Polish   Female  voiceovers

    Aneta, Polish female voiceover

    Karolina, Polish female voiceover        
    Gosia, Polish female voiceover        
      Lenka, Polish female voiceover          
      Magda, Polish female voiceover          
      Gabriela, Polish female voiceover          
      Mirella, Polish female voiceover          
      Tarka, Female Polish voiceover.          
      Asia. Female Polish voiceover.

      Lena. Female Polish voiceover.        
      Beatak, Polish female voiceover          
      Zuzana, Polish female voice over          


Polish female voice overs. Girl´s voiceovers
    Ania B,  Polish female girl voice over.

    Okoli, Polish female girl voice over. ( Magda)        
    Mirella, Polish female girl voiceover        


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Jingles music and professional recording voiceovers for radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds and advertising guidelines for companies. Production music library for radio and television. Royalty free music for television, radio, film and advertising. Artistic creations for television and film soundtracks and television. Music documentaries. These themes are free and can be downloaded freely. The quality is not the most suitable for professional projects.


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