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Russian natives voice overs  . Voice over productions in Russia : Female and Male Russian  Voice overs talents. The best voice overs in Russia. We are + 3000 Voice Overs  of the world ( Spanish voiceovers,  French voice overs. English voice overs, German voice overs, ... Germany, Portugal  Dubbing production video and films. Commercial : Radio, films, animation, Russian voice over talent:  comercials, Imaging, trailers, films .. Cd room and e-learning programs. Russian voices. Russian voice over talent (native),   Dubbing studios of recording Madrid ( Spain)  Russian natives voiceovers. , Audio, Voice Over Recording/ISDN,Talent Producer, Recording Studios Madrid (Spain) , services of dubbing.  Rusian voiceovers for TV and radio , Russian voiceovers for  e-learning projects,   Russian natives voiceovers  on hold  telephones and web , Russian voice overs talent for tv  commercial and radio commercial,  corporative video, dvd,  and training video dubbing. Russian voiceoves for cartoon and animation. Audiobooks  narration and documentary Russia dubbing and  lip synchronization . Male and female Russian voiceover for  videogames .   Dubbing in Russia of film and movie.


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Russian voice overs.  Male voiceovers


  Vlad,  Russian male voice over.

  Korolevsky, Russian male voiceover      
  Mashkin, Russian male voiceover.      
  Korolevsky. Recording corporative video: "Aidico"   Ivan, Russian male voice over.        
      Gene,  Russian male voice over.    


      Max B,  Russian male voice over.        
      Gaychuk,  Russian male voice over        
      Slutskiy,  Russian male voice over.        
      Alexandr S, Male Russian voice over.

      Igor, Male Russian voice over.      
      Vadim,Male Russian voice over.      
      Rustam, Russian voice over.        
      Leonid, Male Russian  voiceover artist.        
      Anatolijs,  Russian male voice over.        
      Max, Russian male voice over        
      Andrey ,  Russian male voice over. Ukrainian voice over        
      Dmitriev, Russian male voiceover        


Russian  female voice overs talent. 


    Alona, Russian female voice over.

    Loudmila, Russian female voice over.      
    Helena, Russian female voice over.      
      Anna, Russian female voice over.        
      ILONA, Russian female voice over.        
      Natasha,  Female Russian voice over  Ukrainian voiceover.      
      Masha, Female Russian voice over  Ukrainian voiceover.      
      Julanova, Russian female voice over.

      Vedeneeva, Russian female voice over.      
      Yushokva, Russian female voice over.      
      Lyuba, Russian female voice over.        
      Olga, Female Russian voice over        
      Oxana, Female Russian voice over        
      Olga Julanova, Female Russian voice over        
      Olga Nevskaya, Female Russian voice over        
      Masha, Female Russian voice over        
      Larisa, Female Russian voice over        
      Anna K., Russian female voice over.        
      Katherina, Russian female voiceover.        
      Klimenko, Russian female voice over        
      Marina Kal, Russian female voice over        
      Olga Sm, Russian female girl voice over.        


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