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Escena Digital Producciones

Broadcasters and professional voice talent to record radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds, audiovisual and advertising guidelines for companies and producers of radio and television. Agency voices of Spanish speakers. Agency voices of Catalan speakers. Agency voices of English and French speakers. Agency voices of broadcasters in more than 30 different languages.


Nuestra web principal de locutores  : http://www.locutortv.es


Locutores españoles. Voces profesionales en español. Spanish voice over

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_spain.htm   and http://www.locutortv.com/index_voiceoversspanish.htm

locutores y locutoras gallegos:

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_gallegos.htm  y http://www.locutortv.es/galician_voiceovers.htm

locutores italianos:

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_italianos.htm y http://www.locutortv.es/italian_voice_over.htm

Locutores ingleses. Locutor nativo inglés. Locutoras nativas. English voice over


locutores y locutoras valencianos:


locutores portugueses nativos y brasileños nativos. Portuguese voice over:

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_portugueses.htm y http://www.locutortv.es/portuguese_voice_over.htm

Locutor francés. Locutora francesa. Locutores profesionales para audiovisuales y spots. French voice over.  Female and male voice


locutores famosos españoles. Locutor y locutora español para publicidad y doblaje audiovisual:


locutores rusos. Russian voice over:

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_rusos.htm y http://www.locutortv.es/russian_voice_overs.htm

locutores y locutoras catalanes para las grabaciones de spots y cuñas de radio.


locutores y locutoras alemanes. German voice over:


Locutores franceses: http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_franceses.htm y http://www.locutortv.es/french_voice_over.htm
ocutores ingleses de diversos acentos:


http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_extranjeros.htm - http://www.locutortv.es/colombian_voiceovers.htm




Locutores italianos para la grabación de cursos de formación y spots. Italian voice over.

http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_italianos.htm, http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_brasil.htm http://www.locutortv.es/locutores_colombianos.htm ,

Música libre de derechos para sintonías y  melodías de programas de radio, televisión y spots:

http://www.locutortv.es/musicalibredederechos.htm http://www.locutortv.es/brazilian_voice_overs.htm






  Some facts about us



Jesús Ángel Morato:

National Education Award for his radio show "Si no estás tú" and finalist in the rapsody´s contest "Ciudad de Alcorcón" . He also has a more than twelve years experience with the program "Como un torrente "; one of the most listened program by Internet in Spain. During the year 2009 has led over 100 training courses for employees of different companies in Spain and the Ministry of Education. He is able to record different characters. He is too the corporate voice of many Renfe stations, Radio Maxorata, Radio Radio Brea Collino Verde, Tourism Radio, and more than 500 stations in America.


Our female voiceovers:

Marta M., has worked in differents local televisions and in Onda 0 Radio. She is one of the corporative voices of Principado de Asturias and advertising broadcaster of TVE program "El verano de tu vida" and "Ankawa". Now she´s doing e-learning courses for SM company for all the country.

Sandra E. has a perfect domain of french and records the most of the recordings in this language. Enter her more remarkable works are:

- Audio guide of Madrid.
- Voice of learning courses of NH Hoteles (France).
- Voice of video presentations of Bandalux.

Mar  M.  has worked in Antena 3 Television, Onda 0 Radio, M80 radio and Cadena Cope. Currently she is collaborating with Fancine producer and is  teacher at the Complutense University of Madrid. She was one of the starrings of the first fiction serial for mobiles phones: "Supervillanos". She has thousand of telephone utterance behind; among them for TVE programs (El verano de tu vida, Veo Veo and Grand Prix).

Julie T. , comes from Europa FM radio. She´s one of the oficial english voice over of e-learninf course of the Education Ministery and SM enterprise too.

 Virginia  V.,Marta B. and Montse are common voices in the recording studios of Catalonia.

Silvia F. comes to Escena Digital after worked in Localia Tv and Onda Jerez Tv. Is a very versatil voice and she´s able to have child and teenager register. She is a proffesional singer too.

After a long time in Europa FM and Cadena Ser, Inma is dedicated to put her voice to valencian e-learning courses and advertising recordings. She was the voice of "Carrefour" in Andalucia.

Viondi is one of the more recognized voices of Telemadrid news. She was too the voice over of the cultural agenda of the regional tv of Principado de Asturias.

Montse B., is an interpretative voice talent with several registers able to record whatever project. During her more of 18 years experience, she has worked in radio and television: Performedia Comunicación, Via Digital, Mediapark, ComRàdio, SER Tarragona, Andorra Televisión, Tarragona Ràdio, Ràdio Nacional d' Andorra, Televisión de Reus, Antena 7 Televisión, Grupo Auna, Videoestudi Produccions, Video Spot...  In Escena Digital Montse records child, teenagers and also elder characters.

Aran M.  has worked in Cadena Dial,  Radio Club 25, Flaix FM, 40 Principales Lleida , 40 Principales Barcelona... since four years ago she works as voice over in Rac105´s mornings for Barcelona and all Catalonia.

Blanca is new in Escena Digital. She was working in se incorpora a la web tras su paso por el programa " EL Hormiguero" en Cuatro. Es una de las mejores locutoras y traductoras chinas que trabajan en España.

Fiorina,  french voice over resident in Spain for 20 years, is proffesional actress and trilingual translater. She one of the most recognized fren voice talen in Spain. Enter her more remarkable works are:

-Oficial voice over for Patrimonio Nacional Español, telephony, documentaries and corporative videos

- Dubbing actress for french films

- Anchor of the cinema program of Giralda Television

-Director of a company dedicated to audiovisual translation and a recording studio

Ana, is one of our last incorporations. She is expert in cartoons interpretration and also in e-learging course in castilian and euskera. Is one of the weekend Kiss FM voices. 

 And they are no the only. You have more professional voice talents in our different sections.


Our male voiceovers:

Javier F. is voice over of some tv chanels -Bloomberg TV, MTV, Hallmark- and has recording a plenty of advertisings, for example for Dell computers.

David L. currently works for Onda Esencia. He records the program "European Top Dance" for several spanish radio stations. Too is sound technician.

Tomás, is one of the most important radio voice over in all the national territory.

Javier J, comes from 40 Principales. He is a young voice over with a long track recording and editing learning courses for SM.

Javier C., has worked in 40 principales. He is too corporative voice of some galician radios and also of Radio Carrizal of Las Palmas.  Has too experience in tv recording, for example, the program "Musica al día" of TVE television.

Antonio A. is one of the most important voice over in Madrid. He is a remarkable dubbing actor and advertising voice over.

Juan Emilio, started doing commercial radio and for more than 10 years he is also advertising voice over. Since 3 years ago is dubbing actor.

Iván has colaborated with Carlos Latre and since he leaved Cadena 100 is completly dedicated to dub. He is the main voice in off of a important night program of Telecinco.

Álvaro is advertising voice over and dubbing actor too. Has recently recorded for the web http://www.alimentacion.es/es/ and has put his voice to different videos and spots for Navarra and Castilla y León.

Peter makes jingles and has worked in Onda 0, 40 Principales, Europa FM and Cadena Dial.

Roberto C. is a dubbing actor with a very versatil voice. Has made several programs in Top Radio ("Cerca de las estrellas"). Currently is the voice of the promotional videos of Directo a casa Tv. In our web you could find him doing different voices (elder, child, foreign, teenager...).

Charles is the main voice over of the most of advertising recordings of english radio Spectrum FM.

Albert M. , has a long experience in catalonian radio (more than 30 years!). His more remarkable programs are “La mañana es nuestra” (Cadena Catalana), “Mallamusicals” (Cadena 13) and “Hasta luego Cocodrilo” (Cadena COPE). He is also coordinator of Cadena 100-Catalunya. He is advertising voice over, documentaries voice talent and dubbing actor. Nowadays he record his progam "Cocodril club" with differents contents in Punto Radio and ComRadio at the same time.

Paulino has worked in somes radio station of Cadena Cope; nowadays is the institutional voice of "Mercadona" supermarkets.

Guillermo B, is the corporative voice of Murcia TV and a recognized dubbing actor.

Guillermo O.  has worked in radio and tv during more than 30 years. He has a great track presenting and conducting programs in Cadena SER, RNE and TVE.

Artur  are since 20 years ago in the radio. He is documentaries narrator for National Geographic and too for RBA editors. Producer, actor and conducter of more than 300 child stories for differents editorials -Divucsa, Ekipo, Palobal-. He also acts for radio drama  and poetry recitals.

Jean D. is french voice over . His deep and slow voice make him perfect for corporative recordings. He also has a very long register with a voice with differents facets that goes from the sensual to the comic. He colaborates with great international brands (Danone, Seat, PortAventura Park, Magnum, Unesco, Generalitat de Catalunya…). He is voice over, voice talent and dubbing actor in differents film; he put his voices in french to actors like Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell or Cuba Gooding Jr.…);  too in spanisk with french accent in "Casino Royal" and "Angeles y demonios".

 And they are no the only. You have more professional voice talents in our different sections.




Martín and Jimena are a musical duo with a lot of sing jingles and sing advertising done in Argentina. In this moment they are working in Spain. They have been part of the chores of Marcela Morello. Nowadays they teach musical interpretation and work in a orchestra.

Peter is a known DJ in Alicante and also a musical producer.

 Jean D. is french voice over . Tiene una voz pausada y grave para grabaciones institucionales; cálida y profunda para documentales; seductora o cómica para publicidad, Jean D. posee una voz con múltiples facetas. Colabora con grandes marcas internacionales (Danone, Seat Ibiza, PortAventura Park, Magnum, Unesco, Generalitat de Catalunya…). Une su talento de locutor al de actor de doblajes en películas dobladas al francés (Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell, Cuba Gooding Jr.…) y al español –doblajes con acento francés– (« Casino Royale », « Angeles y Demonios »).


Miguel Ángel, is a composser with a solid career and nowadays plays in some groups.


Escena Digital Locutores has a data base of more than 400 professional voices over and musicians. Those are just a representation of them; we are sorry to can not put the background and curriculum of all of them.



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