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French Voice Over recordings .  French dubbers. French Voice over productions: Female and Male French. France  Voice overs talents. The best voice overs. We are + 3000 Voice Overs talent ( Spanish voiceover, Germany ,. French, Italian, Dubbing production. Commercial :  French voice over talent for radio, films, animation, ifomercials, Imaging, trailers, films .. Cd room and e-learning programs.  French voices. French voiceover for audiobooks and  multimedia project . French voice over for CD, Interactive  and CD-ROM,  Dubbing  French video games, voices for animation.  French voice-overs for a flash web .  French infomercials.  France native voiceovers.  French voiceovers for elearning projects.



Locutores españoles. Voces profesionales en español. Spanish voice over   and

locutores y locutoras gallegos:  y

locutores italianos: y

Locutores ingleses. Locutor nativo inglés. Locutoras nativas. English voice over

locutores y locutoras valencianos:

locutores portugueses nativos y brasileños nativos. Portuguese voice over: y

Locutor francés. Locutora francesa. Locutores profesionales para audiovisuales y spots. French voice over.  Female and male voice 

locutores famosos españoles. Locutor y locutora español para publicidad y doblaje audiovisual:

locutores rusos. Russian voice over: y

locutores y locutoras catalanes para las grabaciones de spots y cuñas de radio.

locutores y locutoras alemanes. German voice over:

Locutores franceses: y
ocutores ingleses de diversos acentos: -




Locutores italianos para la grabación de cursos de formación y spots. Italian voice over., ,

Música libre de derechos para sintonías y  melodías de programas de radio, televisión y spots:


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French female voice overs

    Faye, Female French voice over

    Fiorina,  French female  voice over (*)      
    Claudia. French female  voice over      
    Marion. French female  voice-over        
    Gabrielle, French female  voice over        
    Martine, French female    voice over        
Teleshopping. Fiorina French voice over.     Anais,  Girl´s voice. French female voiceover        
    María Elena,   French female  voice over        
    Isabelle,  French female    voice over

    Marie,  French female   voice over      
Dubbing videogame. Voiceovers:  Fiorina, Claudia, Christophe and Jerome     Stelle,   French female  voice over      
      Caroline, Female French voice over        
      Marielle, Female French voice over

      Alexandra, Female French voice over      
      Samantha, French female voiceover      
      Sophie, Female French voice over        
      Marie, Female French voice over        
      Faye, child's voice        
      Faye, French female singer.        
      Marielle,  French female    voice over        


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French male voice overs


    Jerome, French male  voice over(      
    Jean Didier,  French male  voice over.      
    Jean Moran, French voiceover      
    Mathieu, French male voice-over talent        
    Francois, French male voiceover.        
    Alain, French male    voice over        
Company: Baupanel. Voice over: Jean Didier. French voiceover     Yoann, Male French voice over      
      Benoit, Male French voice over      
    Florent M., Male French voice over      
    Christophe F, Male French voice over        
    Christophe Le, French male voice over.        
Corporative video. Dubbing. French voiceover: Jerome     Eric, French male voice over        
      Claude, French male voiceover.        
    Jean Noel. French male voice over.        
    Justin, French male voiceover.        
    Fabien G., French male voiceover.        
Corporative video: "Tejas Cobert".  French voiceover:  Jean Didier     Arnaud,   French male    voice over        
      Vicent, French kid voice over. Boy voice.        
      Christopher.   French jingle. Cartoon voice.        
      Michel Ru, French voiceover.        
      Philippe,  French Male voiceover.        
      Stephane Co, French male voiceover artist        


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Music free of royalties to 0   Euros . Music from advertiding, videogames  radio and  audiobooks. 
Jingles music and professional recording voiceovers for radio spots, television spots, interactive cd roms and dvds and advertising guidelines for companies. Production music library for radio and television. Royalty free music for television, radio, film and advertising. Artistic creations for television and film soundtracks and television. Music documentaries. These themes are free and can be downloaded freely. The quality is not the most suitable for professional projects.


Escena Digital Producciones

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Dirección General: Jesús Ángel Morato. Teléfono : + 34 666 93 18 29     Administración: Luisa Prado. Teléfono : + 34 670 90 95 51 .  Estudios  de grabación en Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Málaga, Zamora, Lugo, , Marbella, Sevilla, Cádiz, Ciudad Real, Segovia, Girona, Gijón  (España) y  Londres (Inglaterra) 


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