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LocutorTV is a dubbing company basen in Madrid (Spain). LocutorTV provides professional Spanish dubbing services that bring your movies, TV shows, and videos to life. Our team of voice over actors and voice artists deliver exceptional Spanish dubbing voices that perfectly match the original content. With 20 years of experience, we are the leading dubbing studio in Spain, offering audio dubbing services in Spanish , European Spanish language and American Spanish dubbing. We are recording with professional and native voice overs,. We take pride in being pioneers in the field of online recordings in Spain, with recording studios in Madrid and Barcelona. Discover the difference with LocutorTV and experience more demos and installations. Whether you need Latin American dubbing or neutral Spanish dubbing, we’ve got you covered. Trust the industry experts for all your dubbing needs.  Spanish dubbing services for films, video and movies. Dubbing agency.  Spanish voice over company.  Spanish voice over agency. Spanish dubbing agency. Spanish dubbing agency in Madrid. Spanish dubbing agency in Barcelona. Professional Spanish voice over. Find the voice of the best professional voice over for your recording. The best Spanish voice over for video corporate. The best dubbing agency company in Spain for voices. Spanish voice over for commercial recordings. Voice over in more than 90 languages. More quality and guarantee in your recordings. Spanish voice over agency in Madrid. Spanish voice over agency in Barcelona.

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LocutorTV: Spanish dubbing movies


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Spanish dubbing company

Spanish dubbing company based in Spain. Spanish dubbing voce over

Spanish dubbing cartoon

Spanish dubbing cartoon series. Spanish dubbing animation.

Spanish dubbing films

Dubbing films. Dubbing films in Spanish. Spanish dubbing films. 

Spanish dubbing studio

Spanish dubbing studio for animation dubbing series and films.

Dubbing company

Dubbing company.  Spanish dubbing company. French dubbing company. Italian dubbing company. Portuguese dubbing company. Recording studio in Spain.  

Spanish dubbing films. Spanish dubbing voices for movies and television.

Dubbing services

Dubbing services. Spanish dubbing services. French dubbing services. Italian dubbing services. Portuguese dubbing services. The best dubbing services for movies, films and documentaries

Dubbing tv series. Dubbing series. Spanish dubbing voice over artists

Dubbing voices

Dubbing voices. Recording studio in Spain. Dubbing voice overs. Dubbing voices for movies and animation. Dubbing voices for cartoon and films.  We are more 6000 voice overs for recordings

Spanish dubbing voices. Spanish dubbing film “Explosive wedding-Jennifer López”


Spanish dubbing services

Spanish dubbing services for movies. Spanish dubbing services in Madrid and Barcelona


Audio dubbing Spanish

Audio dubbing Spanish services. Spanish dubbing agency. Spanish dubbing actors.

Spanish dubbing movies

Spanish dubbing movies. Dubbing movies in Spanish.  Spanish dubbing movie studio

American Spanish voice over agency

American Spanish dubbing agency.  American Spanish voice over talent

Latin American dubbing movies

Latin American dubbing movies. Latin American dubbing films. The best American Spanish voices for dubbing documentaries, films and movies.

Latin American dubbing movie. Dubbing studio in Mexico

Latin American cartoon dubbing

Latin American cartoon dubbing.  Latin American voice overs for dubbing cartoons and video games. Latin American cartoon dubbed 

Latin American cartoon dubbing voice overs.  Latin America cartoon dubbed.

Latin American dubbing agency

Latin American dubbing agency.  Latin American video dubbing. Latin American dubbing voices.  Latin American dubbing quotes

Adrian , Latin American voice over. Dubbing video: “Santillana”

European Spanish female voices. Spanish dubbing actors

Spanish female voice overs. Dubbing agency

Spanish female voice over demos


Spanish female voice over demos

Spanish female voice over demos

Spanish voice

Spanish dubbing voices

Txe, Spanish female voice over

Spanish voice over

Spanish dubbing voices

Xadi, Spanish ale voice over

Spanish voices

Spanish dubbing voices

Anna, Spanish child voice

Dubbing agency

Dubbing agency. Cartoon dubbing voices. Cartoon dubbing samples. Spanish dubbing. Spanish dubbing artist. Dubbing in Spanish.  Spanish female voices for dubbing series and cartoon.  Animation voices. Spanish dubbing agency. French dubbing agency. English dubbing agency. Dubbing agency for broadcast dubbing recordings and non broadcast dubbing recording.  Dubbing agency for films, documentaries, e-learning, video dubbing and audio guides.   Dubbing agency with 6000 voice overs/90 different languages.

European Spanish male voice over agency

Spanish dubbing agency.  Male voice overs

Spanish male voice over demos

Spanish male voice over demos

Spanish male voice over demos

American Spanish voice over services

American Spanish voices. American Spanish voice over services. American Spanish voice over services. American Spanish voice over studio.

Latin American female voice over demos

Latin American male voice over demos

Latin American child voice over demos


Dubbing services. Dubbing films. Video dubbing

Video dubbing services. Dubbing services.  Broadcast dubbing services and non broadcast dubbing services.  Our dubbing  services is used by the entertainment industry for movies, video dubbing, films, documentaries and videos.

Locutor TV: Spanish dubbing agency, Spanish dubbing services. Spanish dubbing company. Dubbing film in Spanish.   Dubbing voices.  Recording studio in Spain.

Background free music

Background free music to download. Free music for dubbing services.

Spanish voice over agency

Locutor TV is an associated voice over company with + 6000 voice over talents in more 90 different languages. Spanish voice over company based in Spain. Voice over company in Spain. Spanish voice talent for narration videos, tv ads and documentaries. Spanish voices for dubbing . Spanish voice talent for documentary. Spanish studio recording in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.  Spanish studio rates in Spain.  Spanish voices for documentaries, e-learning, video dubbing, films and other projects. 

Voice over agency. Voice over company: 6000 voice-overs/90 languages



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