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Locutor Tv: Professional voice over rate

Professional voice over rate. Professional voice over cost. Voice over quotation.

Locutor TV: voice over prices

Voice over prices. Voice over prices per minute. Broadcast voice over price. Non-broadcast voice over price

Locutor Tv: Dubbing prices

Dubbing prices. Dubbing cost. Dubbing recording studio rates. Video dubbing quotes. Video dubbing recording studio prices.

Elearning voice over rates

E-learning Recording. Voice over for e-learning courses

Music video production rates

Music production. Background music free

English voice over rates

English corporate recording. English voices, English voices

Voice over rates. Voice over rates per minute. Voice over quotes. Voice talent rates. Voices rates.  Voices quotes. Voice overs costs. Voice over prices. Voice over talents fees.  Voice acting rates. Voice over rate non broadcast. Voiceover rates non union. Voice over artist rates .Freelance voice over rates. 

Corporate Videos

Budget for corporate videos dubbing from 190€.

Cartoons & Videogames

Budget for Cartoons & Videogames Dubbings from 19€.

Commercial Recording

Budget for Radio Commercial Recordings from 50€.

Call Center

Rates & Budget for call center recordings and Free Royalty Music Production from 1€.


Rates for documentaries dubbing from 9€.

E-learning Courses

Rates for E-learning Courses Recordins from 0,04€.

Voice recording rates

People also ask: What are the quotes from voice over actors. How much do you charge for voice over work? , How much money does a video narrator make?  How much money does an e-learning course reader make?  These are the voice over quotes for  audio book, e-learning projects, video narration…   We are an multilingual agency . Our Royalty-free music is free for recordings spots and corporate videos.

Asociated Voice Over Company

Locutor TV is an associated voice over company with + 6000 voice over talents in more 90 different languages. Spanish voice overs company based in Spain. Voice over company in Spain. Spanish voice talent for narration videos and documentaries. Narration for e-learning courses. 


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Royalty free music

Royalty free music. Download free

Cartoon Dubbing

Voice Over Talent for Cartoons Dubbing

Documentaries dubbing

Italian dubbing rates

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